From the get-go, I wanted to do a piece that captured the Jewishness of the Virgin Mary. I’ve found next to nothing in the canon of Western Art that represents her so. The last week days I’ve tried to make her look less Northern European and more Jewish.

Cocktail List for La Soirée au Club 631

Color adjustment for Aurora: body tones and shadows, lighting on ocean haze and mountains

Study in clothing. I’ve been looking at a lot of Mucha recently and trying to work in elements of his style.

Update on Immaculate Conception painting. I finally landed on the design for the crown of 12 stars. Also I plan on steering the design of the piece to reflect a stained glass medium. Possibly a cross between stained glass and Mucha.

Working on study for Immaculate Conception piece. I love astronomy so I’m trying to incorporate that into this. Still working through it.

A detail from the drawing for St. Gertrude.

Currently creating the wall designs for Wofford University's Men's Basketball Locker Room. A lot of clipping and color correcting to get the gold tone consistent.