Alisa Marie Fine Lingerie Car Wrap

Alisa Marie Fine Lingerie, a boutique in Greenville, had a crazy idea for a car wrap. Trouble was, they couldn’t find anyone who could pull it off. I sat down with the owner, talked it through and knew exactly what I needed to do. I researched embroidery and lacework, styles and pattern. I designed the lingerie from scratch in vector, knowing that this was a rather unique case. In less than a month, we rolled out the hottest car in town! I spent hours working on the the lacework, the overall look and feel and how the material would “realistically” fall on the car. The client loved it and I am proud of the work.

  • For Alisa Marie Fine Lingerie
  • Date June 2014
  • Type Illustration, Vector, design, embroidery, lingerie, bra, panties, car wrap

Vector design of bra

Vector design of panties

Front corner of car



Detail of bra

Detail of panties

Detail of New Logo