Danny McNight


3D, Motion, Web & Visual Design

Compass Workshop Video for VantagePoint Marketing

About me

I currently live in Greenville, SC. I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design in 2006. I have a passion for beauty in motion which drives me to be meticulous and tireless in my work. I do whatever is necessary to get the job out the door and exceed the client's expectations. This sampling of projects shows the type of work that I excel at—whether it be animation, 3D design or visual design.

Interior 3D Renderings

WaterWatch animation for T&S Brass


3D render of the Virgin Mary. My goal was to make a more accurate depiction of a Jewish woman in 1st century Palestine. I utilized iconographic motifs but also broke from the tradition with her pose and demeaner.


Part of a 3D bather series with an intentional homage to the French academics such as the great W. Bouguereau.

Landscape 3D Renderings

emediagroup Endurance Sports

General Graphic Design

Alisa Marie Fine Lingerie Car Wrap

Job the Film

The Last Flight of Petr Ginz

Animation Shorts